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from Alaska and prince Rupert to the great bear rainforest, Vancouver Island and lower mainland...this is big coast!
for more than a dozen years our crew has remained completely committed to showcasing west coast adventure and telling the tales of this final frontier. from our iconic chinook salmon to grizzlies, Kermode and orcas, incredible wildlife adorns this land and keeps watch over one of the last great coastal ecosystems on earth. along with our coastal First Nations, upon whose traditional territory we travel, they comprise more than 12,000 years of history and incredible stories.
the mighty pacific salmon are classic British Columbia and fuel the entire ecosystem. they are the heartbeat of the coast and nourish predators, humans, flora and fauna. pacific halibut, bottom fish and albacore tuna round out the sport fishing offering and ageless pursuit of nautical adventure.
in the spirit of conservation, please take only what you need and practice catch-and-release for all chinook salmon (tyees) OVER 30 POUNDS!
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